My desire is to create a lovely new project, which is described with the following thought:

the best things in life are free.

With these few words I want to sum up the meaning of Hut's Crochet project - sharing my love and knowledge with all of you crocheters around the world. If my patterns will make just one of you happy and will warm ten little fingers my goal is reached.


My story of crocheting began a few years ago, in a small Austrian town. My heart melted every time I saw little crocheted baby things. Because I had all the time in the world I decided to learn crocheting by myself - I had my two hands, one cozy blanket and all the materials needed. All I didn't have was a good free pattern, but back then finding a really good one for a complete beginner wasn't really easy. After finding one I  struggled with crocheting, I had to learn the difference between chain, stitch and a loop, and of course all other crochet abbreviations.  I helped myself with some videos, but they all seemed so easy. I unstitched my first bootie a hundred times, but I kept trying and I didn't give up. I really have to say I am so proud of my first pair of crocheted booties. They are also a reminder that everything can be learned and achieved. With strong will you can do anything in the world - you can crochet a lovely pair of booties or you can make your dreams come true. Anything and everything.


Why I started with this project? Because I cherish the moments that come with it. Each time I see sparkling eyes, a sincere smile on someone's face, a heartwarming thank you. This is happiness. For free. For all the people in this world.

Because of this I decided to do a difference in a world of free crochet patterns.

I want to give everyone a chance to make something unique and beautiful. As Mahatma Gandhi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world." I said to myself: "I want, I can, i will." And so I did.


In order to achieve the largest possible number of crocheters, please share the patterns or links on Facebook, pin them on Pinterest, add them to your favourites on Instagram and Ravelry.


Pleasant crocheting and thank you so much for being part of HUT’S CROCHET!