Hut's Doudou - Crochet booties

These little booties are called Hut's Doudou. The word DOUDOU means 'something sweet' in French. It can be anything that children cannot be separated from - toy, stuffed animal, soft and cozy blanket ...


This crochet pattern may not be appropriate for complete beginners. Most crochet stitches appear as abbreviations to save space on the written instructions. This pattern contains AMERICAN crochet terms and it is assumed that you are familiar with definitions of special abbreviations, given at the beginning of this PDF-pattern. This pattern is a written tutorial with photos of each step.



- 3,5 mm (E) hook;
- yarn needle;
Schachenmayr Sun City wool for 3,5 - 4,5 mm hook (G: 18S&25R in 4 inches/10 cm) - I used grey; Schachenmayr Catania wool for 2,5 - 3,5 mm hook (G: 26S&36R in 4 inches/10 cm) - I used blue; two buttons.




- Ch - chain;

- Ss - slip stitch;

- Sc - single crochet;

- Sc2tog - single crochet two together;

- Hdc - half double crochet;

- BPdc - back post double crochet;

- Dc2tog - double crochet two together.

Where can I buy this yarn?


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Hut's Doudou - Crochet baby booties pattern by Hut's Crochet
Hut's Doudou - Crochet baby booties pattern by Hut's Crochet

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Photos of Hut's Doudou from crocheters around the world

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